Time For A Renovation?

Minnesota Remodeling Solutions ImagesOur team of highly skilled craftsman always put the customers needs first. That is why we work with you from beginning to end on your renovation project, all the while ensuring that your design goals are being met. Here at Minnesota Remodeling Solutions, we understand that choosing a home renovation company can seem like a daunting process, but rest assured, our professional renovation crew always gets the job done right while also making sure to maintain a clean and tidy work area. You will be amazed how much of a positive difference a home renovation can make to your home!

5 Tips For Renovation Success

  • Minnesota Remodeling Solutions Images Don't skimp on prep work!

    It's very critical not to overlook any prep work when diving into a home renovation. Certain measures must be taken before beginning any phases of renovation work. This is often times overlooked and ends up costing you more of your time, and more importantly, money. Be sure to go over your renovation plans thoroughly with a skilled professional. We always carefully plan the beginning stages of each renovation project we get.
  • Minnesota Remodeling Solutions Images Gutting everything

  • While in your planning phase, be mindful of what is being removed from your home's structure. Sometimes a homeover may "gut-out" too much material that was unnecessary in the first place. A lot of the existing structure of the building can be worked around or even worked with such as walls or sections of floor.
  • Minnesota Remodeling Solutions Images Ignoring Lighting

    Another common mistake homeowners make is overlooking the lighting of their home. Lighting can really make an impact on the ambiance, feeling, colors and over-all atmosphere in your home. We'll help you choose the most suitable lighting for your homes unique design that will add a very pleasant effect to the aestetics of your new design.
  • Minnesota Remodeling Solutions Images Choosing the right Paint

    There are several different types of paint made for just about every kind of surface. Typically, flat paints are used for ceilings and even sometimes on walls, whereas different kinds of semigloss is good to use on trim. Even glossy paint is sometimes more appropriate for certain types of trim. This all depends on the individual layout of your design. Choosing the right kind of paint can add a lot of flair to the finished appearance of your renovation project.
  • Minnesota Remodeling Solutions Images Updating the electrical system

    There's no better time to upgrade your electrical system than during a renovation. One thing often overlooked is having a professional check to see if your wiring is all up to code and working properly. This is especially true in older homes and buildings. Be sure to talk this over while forming your renovation plans and decide on the locations and types of outlets you need to install.

A Typical One-Room Renovation

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