What Should I Do Now That My New Roof Is Leaking?

There are several things that may go wrong while roofing a house, and it appears that one or more of them has occurred to you. While this is extremely annoying, it is not unheard of, and ideally, you choose a trustworthy St Michael roof repair contractor like MN Remodeling Solutions who will work with you to have this rectified as soon as possible.

If something was improper with your roof, you most likely discovered it during the first storm after it was installed. Hopefully, it was only a light drizzle or passed soon so you can detect the problem and fix it without causing too much water damage. If you are experiencing water damage in your house, contact your roofer promptly and request that the lead individual on your job come over instantly, or if they are unavailable, request that someone else who understands what they are doing come over and try to locate the leak.

Improper flashing or caulking all along flashing is one of the most prevalent causes of leaky roofs. To prevent leaking into your house, each point on your roof where the roof meets a wall, chimney, or other rooftop accessories should be sealed and caulked. If you see that your chimney or another section of your home is not properly flashed during installation, it is your responsibility to speak out and insists that the flashing be installed on your project. All professional roofing contractors in St Michael should admit their error and replace any missing parts, but if you meet one who refuses to correct their mistake, it is important finding a new roofing company (as soon as possible) who can repair this so you do not have lasting water damage within your home.

When your roof is watertight, you can dispute with the prior roofer to persuade him to pay for the roof repairs, submit complaints, or perhaps even hire (or threaten) legal counsel to fight for your reimbursement in court.

Your roofing contractor may not have utilized a starting strip of shingles if there were significant gusts during the storm that triggered the leakage. Every major manufacturer sells a strip of roofing intended to be the very first layer installed. This starting strip resembles conventional shingles except that it contains one to two rows of an asphalt-based binder designed to keep your shingles from being lifted up and soaked beneath during high-wind storms.

If starter shingles were not put, you may pay someone to throw some roofing sealant up there the full length of your shingles to keep wind-driven rain from penetrating your property. If you are attempting to save a poor roofing project, this is a fix you may well be able to undertake yourself. If not, do not hesitate to reach out to a reputable roofer in St Michael like Mn Remodeling Solutions. We are factory-certified roofing installers and offer free estimates for our work, call 763-428-4888 today!