5 Ways to Increase the Size of a Small Bathroom

Bathroom updates can range from a simple cosmetic refresh to a complete bathroom makeover. When form meets function and there is a delightful atmosphere, the bathroom is at its finest. A compact bathroom arrangement can become suffocating and unappealing over time. This is especially true if some features of your area make the room feel smaller than it really is.

We can assist you if your future Plymouth bathroom remodeling goals include transforming your small bathroom layout and making the bathroom appear larger. Our skilled design team has worked on bathrooms of all sizes and types. Explore these five modifications to learn how to make a small bathroom appear larger without affecting the overall layout.

Making a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

There are five essential areas of your bathroom that you can upgrade to make it appear larger without undertaking a full remodeling effort. Today, we will go over each one in-depth and discuss how they might help you make your area feel bigger.

  • Shower Enclosure Improvements
  • Tile
  • Decor
  • Storage & Shelving
  • Paint

Updating the Shower Enclosure Can Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Consider adding a frameless shower enclosure made of clear glass. The shower, or bathtub/shower combination, is most likely taking up the most room in the bathroom. Because of their size and required connections, there are only so many adjustments you can make without launching a comprehensive bathroom renovation job.

Because the eye can go further through a transparent glass barrier, the bathroom appears to be larger. A door-less shower is another option if you have enough space. If this is something you’ve been thinking about, there are a few things you should think about: would the door open on a sliding track, or would it pivot? Will the door open to the left or right if it pivots? Plymouth remodeling specialists can assist you in understanding your project’s possibilities.

Tile Tricks for Making a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

For those wishing to brighten up their bathroom, a tile update is a great option. With a vast range of color, patterns, and size options, new tile can completely transform an area. Tile placement is the first step in making a tiny bathroom appear larger. Installing tile all the way to the ceiling might help make the bathroom appear larger. When the eye encounters several “stopping places” or gaps between distinct materials, space appears less unified.

Size and color are important considerations in addition to floor-to-ceiling tile placement. You can use online showroom displays to visualize how smaller and bigger tile patterns would look in your space. Lighter hues will give your home a more open sense. This is especially crucial if natural light is already scarce.

Shelving and Storage Can Help Make a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

Storage is essential in bathrooms! It is critical to have easy access to everyday basics. Large storage alternatives, on the other hand, can crowd the space in a compact bathroom layout. Have you given recessed shelves any thought? Free-standing storage units can be eliminated by using hidden storage.

A pedestal sink can make a small bathroom appear larger by replacing the vanity cabinet. Consider where those stored objects will go before you make this jump. There is a trade-off to consider here: pedestal sinks provide more floor space and can make your space appear larger, but your countertop space will be reduced. If a larger redesign job is on the horizon, there are numerous modest bathroom remodeling ideas that can maximize storage and space.

Updating the Paint in a Small Bathroom to Make It Look Larger

When it comes to giving a bathroom a new look, a fresh coat of paint is a common choice. Selecting bathroom colors necessitates some thought. It is critical to remember your overall artistic vision in this case.

Paint can help open up a tiny bathroom plan. What colors enhance the appearance of a small bathroom? Lighter hues will expand the appearance of your bathroom. Take into account the amount of natural light in your little bathroom, as well as the fixtures and decorations. Your wall color could be a few shades darker with brilliant, light-colored embellishments. However, if natural light is not accessible and your other accent colors already have dark tones, choose a lighter hue for the wall.

Reduce the number of color contrasts in your space as another piece of advice for how to make a small bathroom look bigger with paint. A wainscot painted a different hue than the wall, for example, causes the eyes to pause. Excessive pauses can distort the perception of space.

Decor Options for Making a Small Bathroom Look Larger

If replacing the shower enclosure, tile, or paint is not in the cards for the time being, you can use decor to make a small bathroom appear larger. Remember the adage, “less is more.” In a compact bathroom layout, there is a thin line between decorative objects and clutter. Consider how many items are in the sink, how many pieces of artwork are on the wall, and whether or not you have competing throw rugs on the floor.

A mirror is another improvement that expands your room. Larger mirrors create the sense of larger space by reflecting more light back into the room. Frameless mirrors, like shower doors, increase the sense of space.

With the Help of Local Plymouth Remodeling Experts, Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Great, if you have a vision! If your vision is still being debated and explored, enlist the assistance of our qualified design team to help you hone it and turn it into an actionable plan. We use a proven and specialized bathroom remodeling method. From there, it is a collaborative effort as long as you bring the starting vision.

Our first aim has always been to guide our customers smoothly through the bathroom remodeling process. MN Remodeling Solutions will be there for you every step of the journey, providing guidance and answering questions.

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